Airtel InternetTV Set Top Box VS Jio DTH Plan, Price , Channel

Welcome man so you have landed in this post in Search of the difference between Airtel Internet TV and Jio DTH . Well i have written the difference between this two dth in details for you. If you are planning to purchase any of this dth, read this article till the end and you will end up buying the best dth for you. In the first part of this article you will get a clear information about Airtel InternetTV and its set-top box and in last section you will come to know the features of Jio dth and its Set top box. Lets start the comparison between Airtel VS Jio Digital TV.

Airtel InternetTV Set Top Box

Airtel InternetTV Set top box Specification

Airtel Internet TV is a 4K ready, android-TV based set-top box from Airtel that transform your TV with a
host of exciting and useful features. Airtel Internet TV is India’s 1st Hybrid DTH set-top box based on Google Android TV platform. It uses both satellite signals and internet to render channels.

Currently Dth like Tata sky , Videocon dth they are calling satellite dth. Because the signals or Channel that we get are coming through satellite. So when it rains or even if its cloudy​ days , we don’t get signal . This is the most common problem with normal satellite Direct to home Connection. But when it comes to Airtel Internet TV even the it rains or if the day is cloudy or say even if you don’t get signal from your dish TV still you can enjoy your favorite show or channel. That can be done because Airtel Internet TV have internet connectivity tool . You can connect to the internet.

Just like we watch movies online or shows or any live Channel on our Smartphones that same way you can watch movies , shows , Channel on your TV with the help of this airtel InternetTV as it have internet connectivity. It comes with pre-installed of some app like YouTube , Netflix , Google Play Store etc.

Using YouTube you can watch/stream various kinds of videos from YouTube just like you do in your smartphone. Netflix can be use to watch movies live TV but for Netflix you have to pay additional subscription fee . Those new airtel InternetTV customer are getting free 1Month Netflix subscription. Also we have Google Play Store pre-installed on airtel Internet TV , which means we can download any Android Application and run on TV with this airtel InternetTV.

Playing Game on TV

As I said above it comes with pre-installed of Google Play Store , which means you can download any application. So it also means that you can now download games on your Airtel Internet TV and play on your TV which you were playing on your smart phone. While playing games on your TV with this Airtel InternetTV you will need your smartphone as it will serve as your game controller. If you are really interested in playing games on big screen, you can do that but first you have to download Google Gamepad App on your smartphone.

But it is reported that by many people who have already purchased Airtel InternetTV that while playing games on TV , Many a time the whole system get hang ( InternetTV/TV get stuck in one place ) . This is a very common problem with Airtel Internet TV. Not only that but they also reported that graphics of the game get degraded . Without good Graphical interface who will like to play . Also you cannot​ play all the game that are available on Google Play Store . You can install and play only those games which are mentioned on Airtel app store. So that is one disadvantages of Airtel InternetTV.

Smart Tv 4K Screen Resolution Truth

Airtel is Manipulating our mind by showing different advertisement on Television , Online Internet etc . They claim that you will
get crystal clear picture clarity with integrated 4K capability. This is true Only if you have a TV which have the ability to Receive 4K resolution or 4K pictures. But if you thinking that by purchasing airtel InternetTV you will get 4K or HD quality picture on your old phone than you are wrong. You won’t get high quality picture if your TV is not capable of showing 4K picture.

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Even if your TV is 4K enable , your quality of pictures will entirely depend on your satellite signals and on your internet speed. To get real 4K picture , your internet speed need to be 4Mbps . If it is less than 4mbps you will not get 4k picture.

Airtel InternetTV Front side USB Port Wifi Bluetooth

Airtel InternetTV Connectivity

When I talke about the inputs/outputs ports or connectivity option . In Airtel InternetTV there are many port options.

In airtel Internet TV set-top box you get two USB Port . Once at the front and one at the back . You can use this USB Port to import or export data ( music , videos , Movies ,App ) from any pendrive , Smartphones or from any memory card using USB card .

Airtel InternetTV Back Side HDMI Ethernet USB

You will get Audio video output connectivity . Which you can use to connect to your TV . Also you can use HDMI port to connect to your TV , if your TV have HDMI input port . There is one input port to receive
satellite signals from your dish antenna. You also get Ethernet Port , which you can use to connect your airtel InternetTV to Internet .

Airtel InternetTV SD Card

You also get Wireless Connectivity like Wifi , Bluetooth . So if you have home WiFi you can use your home WiFi connection to connect your airtel InternetTV to Internet. And the Bluetooth will be utilized to make Connection between your airtel Internet TV set-top box and airtel InternetTV set top box remote. Also to make Connection between your Smartphones and your airtel InternetTV while playing games.

Airtel InternetTV Data Card

Price of Airtel InternetTV Set top box

Price Offer
Rs.4,999 3 Month Subscription
Rs.7,999 12 month subscription

So you can clearly see the price and the benefits that you are getting with the above mentioned price range. Anyway let me explain it in details.
When you buy Airtel InternetTV with 4,999 you will get All HD Channel for 3 month . You will get All SD channel for 3 month. You also get Eros Now free 3 Month Subscription . Free TV game from Airtel and 1 month Netflix free subscription. Also if you have Airtel broadband connection you will get additional data in your broadband.

On the other side when you purchase Airtel InternetTV with 7,999 you will get All HD Channel for 12 month . You will get All SD channel for 12 month. You also get Eros Now free 3 Month Subscription . Free TV game from Airtel and 1 month Netflix free subscription. Also if you have Airtel broadband connection you will get additional data in your broadband.

Airtel InternetTV Remote Controller

Even Airtel InternetTV have Google voice search feature. That is something I really like. When we can to see a particular channel or any show we use to type the number of the channel or Search it manually by going to channel list. But now with Google voice search searching channel or shows became easy. All we need to do is just type the voice key in our remote and speak the channel name that we want. And will automatically Search for that Channel within​ a second.

How to Buy Airtel InternetTV

  1. Visit the Airtel InternetTV Dth Offer Page.
  2. Now Click on Buy now. after that login or sign up.
  3. Enter your shipping/delivery Address.
  4. Make the payment online or Select Cash on Delivery.
  5. Finally Click on place order . It will be delivered to you within 2-3 days.

If your are already airtel dth customer. Having old airtel dth Connection , You can upgrade your old dth to airtel InternetTV .
To upgrade your airtel dth , Go to this Airtel offer page and Select your location, Enter your name , mobile number and your current dth Account number. Also you can give a Miss call to airtel dth customer service at 8800488001 and they will call back.

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This not end of this post as I will be added more about Jio dth Connection in details. I’m not written now because Jio official didn’t Launch in market. They only gave some samples of Jio dth set-top box to some Blogger and YouTuber​ for testing only. But I will be updating soon . I have already written an article providing basic information about Jio dth ,you can check out .

Updated: July 25, 2017 — 1:34 am

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