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Bypass Linkshrink : If you are browsing Internet regularly you might have come across many short url. This short url are called shorten url . Shorten url are use by Blogger and web developer to earn money . They use to shorten the Link of a page or file and place it in their blog or website. So when you visit the blog/website and when you click on that Link , it will show you some ads instead of giving you the file or taking you to that page. You have to wait till the skip button appears. Once you watch the ads and Click on skip ads than Only it will take you to your destination page or file. Even sometimes after clicking on the skip ads , it takes you somewhere else instead of redirecting you to your destination page. That too annoying and you give up download that file or going to that page.

Bypass Linkshrink

So in this article I will show you how you can easily bypass those ads and get your file. This is a simple trick , which you can use in your mobile Browser as well in your desktop or laptop Browser. There are many different shorten url like LinkShrink , Shorte.st , Ouo.io , Adfly ,Linkbucks , Fas.li , Uskip.me , Adyou.me , Spaste , Binbucks , Blv.me , AdHy.pe and many others are there. But the trick that I’m talking about in this post i about linkshrink shorten url , how to bypass linkshrink Shorten url ads . Still you can try to bypass other shorten url using this Same Tricks it may or may not work. Anyway let’s start with the trick.

Bypass Linkshrink Shorten URL Ads

  1. Copy the linkshrink Shorten URL that you want to bypass.
  2. Then visit Google weblight Search page http://googleweblight.in
  3. Now Paste the linkshrink link that you have copied in the Google weblight Search box . Bypass Linkshrink
  4. You will see linkshrink ads page , just click on continue button.
  5. Here you will get your destination file or the page you have requested without any ads or redirecting link .

This was easy right ? hope you have successfully now bypass linkshrink Shorten URL Ads . You can use this Trick whenever you find any linkshrink link . If you have any queries feel free to comment below.

Updated: July 25, 2017 — 1:33 am

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