Jio 399 vs 509 prepaid plan : 3 Month Unlimited 4G Offer

Jio previous offer i.e Jio summer surprise offer and Jio dhan Dhanan dhan offer ends on July 2017. So Jio on July 2017 reveal its new plans. We can say those plans are a part of jio dhan Dhanan dhan offer or Jio Monsoon offer.

Jio Monsoon offer plan are revised plan of jio dhan Dhanan dhan offer Only. In monsoon offer Jio , Reliance jio extended the validity of its plans and added Extra 4G data.

This jio new offer includes 149 plan, 309 plan , 349 plan , 399 plan and 509 plan. In this article we will not talk about all the plans but will compare two Jio plan i.e Jio 399 plan Vs Jio 509 plan. If you want to know about other Jio new plans, you can check our previous post about Jio Monsoon offer. Where we have discussed in deep details about monsoon offer.

Jio 399 Vs Jio 509 new plans

Jio 399 plan

Jio 399 plan was a part of jio dhan Dhanan dhan offer. Now it is added to Monsoon offer. In new offer Jio 399 plan is revised. Its validity extended and Added Extra 4G data. 399 plan is a 84 days Plan ( 3 Month ) . In old dhan Dhanan dhan offer Jio 399 plan had only 28 days of validity. But in monsoon offer it have 84 days of validity. When we talk about 4G data. This plan was giving 28GB data with FUP of 1GB Daily. But now it is giving 84GB data with same Daily data limit. All calls and sms are Unlimited and free for 3 Month. You also get jio app benefits of all Jio app for free.

Jio 509 Plan

When it comes to old Jio 509 plan. It was having validity of 28 days only with total 56GB data limited to 2GB per day. But according to new Jio offer the plan is giving total 112GB of data with FUP of 2GB daily. The validity of this new 509 plan is 56 days. This 509 plan comparing to 399 plan have less validity but more data with limit of 2GB a day. Just like all other plans, here to you will get unlimited calling and sms to any number. Also you with plan you can enjoy all Jio app for free. After the consumption of 2GB daily 4G data, your speed will be cap / slow down to 128kbps.

Jio 399 plan Vs Jio 509 plan

MRP 399 509
Validity 84 days 56 days
Calls Unlimited Unlimited
SMS Unlimited Unlimited
Data 1GB/day 2GB/day
Jio Apps Yes Yes

As you can see the details of both the plan from above table. Now the question is which one is better for you. Honestly speaking , it depends upon you entirely. Say if you are a person who need more data. Example if you watch videos on YouTube or say you remains online 24 hours then for you 509 will better. As 509 plan provide daily 2GB 4GB data, So you wouldn’t need to worry about data with this 509 plan.

On the other hand , say you don’t watch online video on YouTube or you rearly come online. In other words say you don’t have heavy data consumption. In that case you can go for 399 plan. As it gives 1GB daily for 84 days. Advance of 399 plan is that , here you get extra validity and in 509 plan you get extra data. 4G data and validity are the only two difference in between this two plans.

How to Upgrade to New Jio Plan

Jio new plans are limited to exhaustions of current active plan. So if you are already enrol for Jio jio summer surprise offer or Jio dhan Dhanan dhan offer , you have to wait for the active offer to come to an end. Example if in your number 309 plan is currently active then you have to wait till the validity of 309 plan end. After that only you can opt for new offer / plan.

Both the plan 399 and 509 are limited to prime member only. So if you are not a prime member, you first have to recharge with 99 and get prime membership. Then only you will be eligible for Jio new offer.

  • To recharge your Jio number with new Jio prepaid plan , first you have to visit Jio Official website.
  • It will land you to a page, where you will see all the new Jio prepaid plan . Select the one you want.
  • Now pay the amount with a suitable payment method and recharge your Jio number.
  • Done , you will be enrolled to new Jio offer and now you can enjoy 4G data for 3 Month.

Finally we are at the end of this article. I guess and hope , you got the best knowledge of jio new plans. The above comparison of jio 399 Vs Jio 509 plan was to give you a clear idea, as which plan is best for you. If you want to see other Jio plans like 309 plan , 349 plan , 999 plan , you can check out previous jio article. Do let me know by commenting are you happy with new Jio offers and also do share this article.

Updated: July 25, 2017 — 1:35 am

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