Jio feature phone every details ( Amazon & Flipkart )

This is an article about reliance Jio feature phone. In this post I have included all the details of Jio 4G feature phone. You will get the information about the launch date of Jio feature phone, price and all other specification of Jio 4G phone.

It’s going to be almost one year that the topic Jio 4G is trending on Google and other search engines. Initially the phone was called as Jio lyf easy . Yes the name of the phone might be Jio lyf easy but it is not confirmed yet officially.

Many rumours about the design and the price of the phone came up on internet. People are eager to buy this phone. Everyone is waiting for the launch of the phone. Event some leaks of the phone came into view recently.

Jio Feature Phone design

Two leak Image of the phone is available already on internet. First one leak Image we saw that had Jio app button on its keypad. It had key for my jio app, Jio TV etc. The first row of the keypad had four key for Jio apps. The phone is a traditional feature phone with T-9 keypad. Latter on another leak Image we saw. Which have no jio app keys. But the design is quite similar to that old leak phone. The phone will have small screen with 2.4 inch colour display. Though it have small screen still you will be able to watch videos and movies on it. You can also watch live tv show by Jio TV. The phone will be available in two or three different Colors but not confirmed which colour. Overall the phone looks small but cute.

Apps & Operating system

A wrong rumours was spread on internet about the phone OS. Rumours says that the phone have latest Android OS which is Android 7.1 but actually it is not true. Reality is that the phone will have KaiOS which is base on Mozilla’s erstwhile Firefox OS.
When we talked about KaiOS there is on only phone that currently running on KaiOS is the Alcatel GO Flip phone in US.
We don’t know how this OS will perform but we can guess it will be good as many developer are contributing to it.

As the phone running on KaiOS Android app will not support on it. So reliance Jio decided to maintain it’s on app store. Android App are built with Java but KaiOS Apps will be making with HTML5 . Where we can assume that the app will be web base apps. After the launch of the phone Jio may not give much importance to Jio Android apps as they will have their on App store which will have KaiOS App.

Price Of Jio Feature Phone

Regarding the price of the phone many controversy already started. Some say that the phone will be sold at ₹ 999 where others saying that the phone will be costing around ₹2000 . Which one is reality no one knows yet. Recently a leak came out about the phone. Yes recently there was a leak video of Jio 4G phone on YouTube. Which was on YouTube india trending page and it went viral. According to that leak information initially the phone will be sold at discount. That is the phone will be available at ₹500 for purchasing.

It may happen that for purchasing the phone you may need to register or book online in advance. Just like the Nokia 6 you may need to first register for the phone. Jio will set a date for the registration of the phone ,
on that date or within that given time you have to book or register the phone. And on sale date you will get notified of the sale and then you can buy the phone. Online booking of this phone may or not be available for this phone.

Initially the phone will be sold on jio.com official website of Jio. Latter on the phone might be available on Amazon and Flipkart for buying. But if you purchase the phone from Amazon or from Flipkart the price of the phone will be higher. On Amazon and Flipkart the regular price will be charged there will be no discount as I said above. Which means you will need to pay around 2000 if you purchase from Amazon or Flipkart. So it is better that you buy Jio feature phone from official Jio website when it launch.

Jio Phone Release date / launch date

So you are now clear how the phone is going to be sold online. Just like I said it will be launched first after the of the phone, you will be able to book it or register for Jio 4G phone. And on sale date you can order it. As of report there will be no cash on delivery , you have to make online payment. So get ready with your bank account / credit card / debit card.

The phone will be launch on 21 July 2017. There is a big Jio meeting on 21 July. Many big news media and all Jio partners company are invited on this event. The cheapest 4G feature phone will be launched on this event which is on 21 July 2017. It will be available for purchasing around 15 August 2017. Not only Jio phone but also reliance Jio planned to launch some other Jio device. The event will start at 11:00 am on 21 July , you can watch it live on Jio Facebook page.

Specification of Jio phone

When we talk about the display, the phone have 2.4inch Color display. It have 512mb of ram. It have both front and back camera. Rear camera is a 2 megapixel camera and there is VGA front facing camera. It have 4GB of internet storage which can be further expanded with external micro SD card. It is obvious that it will support 4G VOLTE as it’s a Jio 4G phone and the phone is specifically launching for Jio 4G sim. Phone will be powered by 2000mAH removable battery. It will have feature like Bluetooth, WiFi , hotspot and GPS.

The most amazing feature of this feature phone is that it will have TV connection. Just like Chrome cast device. You will be able to watch videos and movies on your TV by connecting through Jio TV app. It seems like the phone can be use for internet TV .

Reliance Jio already made deal with Foxconn Chinese ODM partner. Also rumours pop out that Jio feature phone will be manufacture by Intex an indian mobile phone company. Jio also ask Chinese and Taiwanese original device manufacturers to build Jio lyf branded 4G smartphone, smart set-top boxes, home automation and automobile telematics devices. And all this device are expected to be launching on 21 July or around August 2017.

Jio Phone leak Image

Jio Lyf Easy Specification Price Release date

Old leak image

Lyf Jio volte feature phone

New Image

Jio ₹500 feature phone

Credit : TechPP

Lyf Jio VOLTE feature phone

Jio phone Intex

Jio feature phone back cover

Lyf Jio feature phone black

So this all about Jio 500 RS 4G feature phone. More details and information will be updated after the Jio event of 21 July. Stay connected with trickspaid for more information. You can also check out Jio Monsoon offer new plan.

Updated: July 25, 2017 — 1:35 am

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