Jio Phone Specification and Pre Booking Online

Jio phone finally launched ( India ka smartphone ) . The phone was launched on 21 July 2017. It’s a small basic phone but have quite interesting specification. You will love it for sure. Jio claim to provide the phone for free but which is actually not reality. So let see the Specification of this Jio feature phone.

Initially rumours state that the phone will be named as Jio lyf easy phone but this didn’t happen. The phone is name as JioPhone. Many rumours said that the phone will cost ₹500 some said it will cost ₹2000. But Jio at Reliance AGM event revealed that the phone is effectively free .

In this article our main focus is on Jio phone Specification and it’s features. But we have already written complete details about Jio phone. Do you can check out that post for more information about the phone. For now let’s move to the Specifications of Jio 4G feature phone .

JioPhone Specification

Phone JioPhone
Display 2.4 inche QVGA display
Camera VGA Camera
Design Compact, 4 way navigation and Keypad
Operating System KAI OS
Battery Li-ion 3.7V 2000 mAh
Network GSM, 3G , 4G VOLTE
Sim Card Dual SIM Support
Connectivity Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC and GPS, FM Radio.
Voice assistant Yes

Though the phone is a feature Phone, it will be running on KAI OS. The phone have supported for 2G, 3G and 4G VOLTE . Which means you can use any sim on it irrespective of which operator. But your primary sim must be a Jio sim for the phone to work.

Jiophone specification and booking online

By looking at the Specification of the phone , we can say that the phone is younger brother of Android phone. Because the phone have almost all the specs that a normal Android phone use to have. Firstly you get 4G VOLTE support, Which is the primary feature of Jio phone. The phone design is simple like all other basic feature phone. You get small display and keypad. It have VGA Camera , which will be useful in case of emergencies .

It give you voice assistant just like Google Assistant. Which you can use for searching anything you internet , written message , Finding contacts overall you can control the phone by your voice.

Big screen connectivity is another amazing feature of JioPhone. You can connect your Jio feature phone with your TV with the help of a cable. And then you can watch / enjoy every on your big screen TV that is present on Jio TV or inside your SD card. But to enable this feature you need to recharge with Jio 309 plan . For Jio phone Jio launch different Jio 4G plan like ₹153 plan , ₹54 plan , ₹24 plan.

How to Buy Jio 4G feature phone

JioPhone was launched on 21 of July 2017 and will be available from 15 of August. But from 15 August it will be available for only beta tester which includes Jio employees and other companies partners with reliance Jio. For general public the phone registration will start from 24 August online. You can register the phone either by going to my jio app or visit Jio official website.

To buy the phone you need to follow a process. so for that we have written one separate article on how to buy Jio phone for free. You if you are interested in purchasing Jio feature phone you can follow this link and get the information which is on that article. The phone will be available around September of 2017 on market. But to get this phone first you need to pre-book / online register for it. Every details to get the phone is given on that post.

Not only online but you can also get it offline too. For purchasing the phone offline you have to visit your nearest Reliance Jio store or a jio dealer store. From there you can pre book the phone. And you will get it , When the phone enter the market.

Jio 4G Phone Price

Mukesh Ambani says that the phone is effectively free. But do you really think that Jio will give you a phone for free. Forgot about Jio but do you think any company will give free phone to public. Answer is a big NO. They says effectively free but with terms and conditions.

Let me make it clear that the phone is not free. Indirectly you are paying them for the phone. First to get the phone you have to pay ₹1500 . This 1500 will be for security deposit. And when you will get this money ? well Jio says that you can use the phone for 3 years after that you can return the phone and they will refund you back. 3 year is the minimum time , you can use it as long as you want. ₹1500 security deposit is 💯 % Refundable. No hidden terms and conditions on refund.

In reality do you really think it is possible to use this phone for 3 years and then return them. I do don’t think so . This is just a basic phone and in today world we hardly use a single phone for 1 year. So the question is how do you think the phone will survive for 3 years. It is not possible for majority of the public to return the phone after 3 years. Yet some may return it.

So just consider that the phone , I mean Jio phone is costing ₹1500 . You are buying this phone paying 1500 . So 1500 is the price of JioPhone and it is not free. You don’t need to worry about returning the phone , just use it as long as possible and then dumb it .

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