New Jio 153 plan, 309, 54 & 24 plan offer for Jio phone

Mukesh Ambani and Family at Reliance Jio AGM event on 21 July 2017 introduced Jio 4G feature phone. Jio phone is said to be the cheapest 4G phone. Alone with JioPhone , Jio also announced Jio new plans for Jio phone. Yes JioPhone have different Jio 4G offers. Below I have provided the complete details about Jio new plans like Jio 153 plan , Jio 309 plan , Jio 54 plan and Jio 24 plan.

Note that all other regular Jio plan too will work with Jio phone . But inorder to save your money , Jio introduced cheaper and best plan for all Jio phone users. Those Jio plan for Jio phone will not work in a normal phone but all normal plan will work on Jio feature phone.

There are 4 different offers for Jio phone customer. With each different plans you get different benefits. With 153 plan you get validity of 1 month . With 309 plan also you get 1 month validity with extra benefits. With 24 plan you get 2 days of validity and with 54 plan you get 1 week of validity. lets see in details below.

Jio plans for Jio Phone

Plan Validity
309 1 month
153 1 month
54 1 week
24 2 days

Jio 309 plan

Jio 309 plan

This ₹309 Jio plan is same like the 309 plan of Jio monsoon offer . Only validity difference is there. In monsoon offer 309 plan you get extra validity. And the rest are same. In this plan you will get 30 days of validity for your Jio phone. Unlimited internet data with FUP / daily data limit of 1GB . Apart from that you get unlimited calling and unlimited SMS to any number. Also you can enjoy all Jio app service for free with this plan.

This plan of Jio phone is similar to that of Jio phone plan of ₹153 . But in this 309 plan you get the support of big screen connectivity. Which means you will get / you need to buy one extra cable , with which you can connect your Jio feature phone to your TV and enjoy all the channels present on Jio TV app.

Jio 153 plan for Jio phone

Jio phone 153 plan

This ₹153 plan is the most suitable offer for normal indian citizens. If you recharge your phone with this plan you will get validity of 1 month with unlimited data. Daily 4G data limit is 500mb after which internet speed will be cap down to 128kbps. All other Jio services are free and unlimited with this plan like unlimited calling and SMS , Free Jio Apps benefits.

Jio 54 24 plan for Jio phone

Jio ₹54 sachets plan

This a Jio sachets plan. In this plan you get validity of one week i.e 7 days. If you Recharge with ₹54 plan of Jio 4G phone you will get unlimited internet , unlimited calling and unlimited SMS . Additionally you also get all Jio app service for free for 7 days. About the FUB or Daily data limit for this plan is not mentioned/ revealed yet. So we can assume it to be unlimited with 1GB of Fair Use Policy.

Jio ₹24 Sachets plan

This plan of ₹24 is just like the plan of ₹54 . Only different is that validity is only 2 days. In this two days you will get everything unlimited including calling and SMS to any operator. And Also you can enjoy all Jio app services for free in this 2 days.

How to Recharge Jio phone with Jio plans

You can either recharge your 4G feature phone online or offline. That is you can visit the near recharge centre and recharge your JioPhone from there with JioPhone plan. Or if you are comfortable with online recharging, you can follow below guide to recharge your Jio number.

  • If you want to recharge with Jio official website visit this link ( Jio Website ) and Enter your mobile number | But if you want to recharge with my jio app then open the app and login with your Jio number.
  • After the select the plan with which you want to recharge your Jio phone.
  • In the next page, make the payment with a suitable payment mode and your Jio phone will be recharged.
  • Now you can start enjoying Jio services on Jio 4G feature phone.

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So this was all about new Jio plans for JioPhone. Hope the article is helpful for you. Now you can do share your opinion about this new Jio plans and about Jio feature phone in comment section.

Updated: July 25, 2017 — 1:35 am

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